Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hi Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of a beautiful labor day weekend! I kicked mine off with lunch, cocktails, and shopping with my bff Katie.


Pretty Gal :) The mussels were amazing!

Kate’s lunch stole the show: Duck with a watermelon, feta, and mint salad.


I had a veggie smorgasbord.


We girl talked for so long that we both got hungry again and decided to go for dinner (and more cocktails=headache).  Unfortunately, Saturday has not been going as well as Friday as I woke up to a pair of missing keys! I still can’t find them, and I am mildly freaking out. I even checked in those crazy places that you hope you never put your keys in because it would mean you were losing your marbles (i.e. fridge,freezer, trash) ! I am going to give it one more day and hope that they turn up. Cross your fingers for me!

Aside from the key situation, Saturday has been relaxing! I chilled out, gave Toby a bath, and ate an Amy’s frozen pizza.

PJ bought this by accident a few weekends ago not realizing it was a vegan pizza. Not his style. He saved it for me and I dug into it this afternoon. It was quite delicious, and I think I will keep a few on hand from now on for those days I want pizza but want a healthier option.

So, I have a couple of recipe updates from the past week.

Ok, well this isn’t a recipe, but the sunflower seed butter peaked my curiosity so I picked it up. This stuff is great! It has a completely different taste and consistency than peanut or almond butter , and the nutritional profile is equivalent (if not better) than peanut butter!

Speedy Three Bean salad adapted from Oh She Glows. I loved this and will definitely be making it again.I threw in fresh green beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, and  jalapeno pepper. The dressing is a grainy mustard vinaigrette, and I substituted cilantro for the parsley called for in the original recipe. Delish!!

This dish was also adapted from Oh She Glows. I present to you Easy Peasy Avocado Pasta! In a nutshell, the sauce is comprised of avocado, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil , basil, salt and pepper! Genius. The recipe was simple, quick, and finger lickin’ good! I used soba noodles instead of the pasta recommended in the regular recipe because I truly love soba noodles to pieces.

I served this vibrant salad with the pasta.

Another evening this week, we had this Superfood Salad adapted from Iowa Girl Eats. I have made this a number of times, and I love it more every time I have it. There are so many delicious ingredients packed into this bowl of goodness! I am a person who does not typically enjoy fruit on my salad, but I love the pomegranate arils sprinkled throughout this dish. I actually seeded the pomegranate for my first time; I usually go lazy gal style and buy just the seeds.

Sorry for the tilt. PJ and I are addicted to this chocolate bar.It is actually gone as I write this post. Have I mentioned I love salt on everything!?

He looks like a little chocolate bar, dontcha think?

Alright, I have to go spruce up and grab dinner with some friends! Cheers!




  1. Cissy Szafran says:

    I just love reading your posts Sarah! I am so happy to follow you in the big city. To think I used to give you lolly pops when you would come into the office w/you mom! Have a great & safe Labor day. Keep writing! Cissy <3

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